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Software for reading ePub

There are many software for different operating systems and supports, which allow us to correctly read an ePub. This is a small list of these software.



Calibre is an open source (free software) for reading ePub. Iis available for Linux, Mac OSX and Windows.

In addition to reading you can modify various characteristics of formats as metadata, page layout, formatting.

Download Calibre

Click here to download Calibre



Stanza is a free ebook reader very lightweight, practical, and efficient, with a multi-lingual interface, easy to use.

With Stanza you can access a vast collection of more than 100,000 books and periodicals, both from the PC (Win / Mac) and iPhone.

Complete library management, metadata and bookmarks.

Custom display with a choice of fonts and colors.

Download Stanza

Click here to download Stanza.


Adobe Digital Edition

This is the Adobe's Free Application that allows the reading of ePub and, above all, almost perfectly simulates the reading of this format on the iPad reader.

Download Adobe Digital Edition

Click here to download Adobe Digital Edition.



It 'a free open source program that organizes collections and displays books in ePUB format.
Available for Linux, Windows and Mac OS X.

Click here to download Lucidor.



It 's a book reader Open Source for Linux and Windows systems. Read texts in ePub, fb2, Mobipocket, Plucker and other formats. Search in to the text. Display even at full screen.

Also available in special versions for various mobile phones and Smartphones.

Click here to download FBReader.


Mobipocket eBook Reader

Available for Windows and Nokia phones (Symbian), Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Palm OS.

Complete management of bookmarks, notes, and user-entered metadata (author, title, tags, etc.) for each volume in the library..

Click here to download Mobipocket eBook Reader.