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The eBook (or e-book) is what can be called a digital book. It is therefore a document available on computers, the latest generation of mobile phones or, as happens now, handheld computers, digital special readers (Kindle, Sony PRS, etc ...) and Tablets (iPad, Samsung Galaxy, etc. .. .).

The "EBook" word comes from the contraction of the words "electronic book", and is used to indicate the digital version of a book, magazine or any other type of publication.

The reading devices are commonly called "Ebook reader," but this term can refer to the hardware in which the document is seen, and to the software that actually allows the reading.

Usually, in eBook, use the term "reading" is very simplistic, since the functions that this new document makes provisions are much broader, encompassing the full range of multimedia.

We must not confuse any document with a prevalence of text in digital format with an eBook. An eBook in fact not only incorporates the substance of the paper document but it replicates the shape. This is to make sure that the digital readout is as similar as possible to that of the classic book.

To do this, the basic actions of a paper book (flip through the pages, insert a bookmark) are simulated by the ebook reader's software.

But the electronic book does not just mimic the paper version and, normally, take advantage of the benefits offered by its digital nature: entries hyperlink, adding multimedia elements, quick search of the words, ability to use dictionaries or vocabularies contextual.